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2015 Children Fashion Apparel It was made 100% Cotton Baby Summer Clothes - Wholekorea

Wholekorea is offering product information. If you are interested in it Contacts of us

2015 Children Fashion Apparel It was made 100% Cotton and only for children & Baby

Feature of Product Color : Gold , Silver Material : 100% Cotton   If you want to get more detail information.
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Arch Long tee - Korea Children 100% Cotton Apparel Korea Fashion Product We are best supplier for korea products.

Korea Children Apparel - Arch Long Tee Color : Coral , Yellow

Material : 100% Cotton

It was only made for Children.
Feature of Apparel : There are arch side line

2015 Korea Children Fashion Apparel
you will regret if you are not have it.

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"The Bottle" is water bottle and Kitchen accessory and korea product it is very safety and eco-friendly we are offering to best price

The Bottle

  Let's introduce "The Bottle"

 The bottle is very Safety because it is made of eco-friendly material, Tritan!!
Tritan is eco-friendly and BPA-Free.
It can pour hot water.

It is made of Baby Bottle same material.

Color - Black, White

Size - 550ml

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Smart Ring - Mobile Phone Accessory we are best wholesaler & Supplier for korea products.

Mobile Phone Accessory - Smart Ring

It help to grip mobile phone very useful and safely.
also It can helpful when you wating the Smartphone. (watching movie, Video, Web-Surfing etc...)

The Smart Ring can use Mirror because of reflecting your body.

                             Smart Ring information

Width : 35 mm
Height : 40 mm

Ring Diameter : Outside - 30mm
                      Inside -23mm                      

There are the manual listed on the back of package box.
It is made of stainless steel material.

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Mom & Kid Couple Apparel - Ribbon Stripe We are best Wholesaler to korea products.

Mom & Kid Couple Apparel Set - Ribbon Stripe

Let's introduce Apparel of Korea

Feature of this apparel is couple product so, design and color is same.
this apparel is long type T-shirt
it is made of 100% cotton material

Washing Tip - Only Hand Wash
                      - Do not Dehydration

Color - White

Product by Korea

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Block B released 1ST CONCERT [BLOCKBUSTER] DVD (3 DISC) / Wholesale / Kpop products

May 17, 2014, stretches from the Olympic Park Olympic Hall 'BLOCK B first concert of   &   November 22, 2014, the Olympic Park 'SK Handball Stadium, unfolding encore concert at stage   LIVE DVD containing the video finally released!
Block B debut four years ago, The first solo concert and the encore concert!
Andwholekorea is offering it with wholesale price for US$34.25 (Retail price US$40.29)!!

DISC 01 : Block B 1st CONCERT[BLOCKBUSTER] -Block B 1st CONCERT[BLOCKBUSTER] – THE CONCERT 1. OPENING  2. INTRO  3. VERY GOOD  4. 그대로 멈춰라 + WANNA B  5. HALO  6. 로맨틱하게  7. 싱크로율 100%  8. 했어 안했어  9. 나만 이런 거야?  10. HAPPY (JAEHYO & U-KWON & P.O)  11. 엄마 (TAEIL)  12. 장난없다 (ZICO & PARK KYUNG & P.O)  13. DANCE PERFORMANCE (B-BOMB)  14. 오글오글 (PARK KYUNG)  15. JACKPOT CIRCUS  16. JACKPOT  17. 닐리리맘보  18. MENTAL BREAKER  19. 눈 감아줄게  20. 빛이 되어줘


Wholesale Brand, Korean Cosmetic Supplier, Best Offer - SNP Animal Mask : Mask Pack New Trend in Korea

< Wholesale offer : SNP Animal Mask > 

Have you heard Korean Mask pack before? Or have you already tried Korean Mask pack?

Recently many Korean Cosmetic brands launched new mask pack like animal series. Among them, SNP Animal series is the most famous one.

SNP animal mask packs contain coconut water for an immediate calming and moisturising effect. A highly enriched essence helps in providing the skin with enough moisture to stay healthy.

The face shop, also one of the hot selling Korean cosmetic brand, made similar animal mask pack series.
There are 4 types as cow, sheep, tiger, panda, dragon and puppy.
Those character mask pack in not only for fun, also for skin care effect.
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Mom & Kid Apparel Set 100% Cotton Product we are best B to B Company for korea product

Mom & Kid Apparel Set

Let's Introduce Mom & Kid Apparel Set

T-Shirt name is Dream of Mid Summer

This product was made of 100% Cotton Materal and long type T-shirt

Desigh & Color of  this apparel is same for Mom & Daughter.

* Product Infomation

Material         - 100% Cotton
Color             - Black , White , Charcoal
Washing Tip - Only Hand Wash
                      - Do not Dehydration

Size : Mom    - Free
           Kid     - S,M,L
Product by Korea

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INNISFREE - Eco Science Eye Cream 30ml Wholekorea is best korean B to B Company for korea product.

INNISFREE - Eco Science Eye Cream

This item is reinforcing ability to propagate of skin as seaweed with bio sea plant science.
If you use, it is maintaining Moisture very long time.
you Never ever missi it.
Must have item!!

how's use : this product is apply skin along eye line.

capacity(volume) : 30ml

Made in south korea

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Korean Wholesale Brand : IOPE & Oohlala Cushion Pouch Launched - Limited Product

< Korean Hot Cosmetic Brand IOPE Collaboration with Ooh La La >

IOPE Air cushion is the best selling beauty item in Korean cosmetic product.
Recently, ARITAUM launched new product collaborated with "Ooh La La" Ooh La La is  one of Korea’s coolest and hottest stationery brands.
Their designs look strange, colorful and crazy characters
"IOPE" and " Ooh La La" made together Air cushion pouch.
This pouch is limited version and offered only from ARITAUM
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Korean Famous Cosmetic Brand : It's skin launched new make up Line - It’s Top Professional Series

< Korea Hot Brand : IT’S SKIN : It’s Top Professional Vivid Gel Eyeliner Series >
We already have offered IT'S SKIN for several years.  Although many brands came up, it's skin is still famous and hot among Korean cosmetic brands.
They launched regularly new skin line and make up line.
For today, I want to introduce " It’s Top Professional " line

This line has simple black body and looks more professional.
There are shadow, liner, lip, mascara, base product and etc.
If you are looking for something new make up product, please contact us. And get new information about Korean wholesale cosmetic information.
Not only this brand, we can offer various Korean hot brands as wholesale price.

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Korean cosmetic brand Laneige launched 'Satin Finish Loose Powder EX (20g)'. / Korean beauty/wholesale products

'Satin-finish loose powder ex' of Laneige is an excellent sebum absorption capabilities and smooth spreadability products. It is launched by 2 kinds those are express the natural skin 'No. 1 pure natural' color and 'No. 2 soft Radiance' which make express pink skin. If you knocked from a wide surface to outwards of face in the next step of foundation can give finishing off with a smooth skin. 'Satin-finish loose powder ex' can make enable to smooth skin makeup with contained variety of powders in summer season when easy to become oily skin. The corn starch mattifying powder can absorb sebum effectively. And the pure white powder can support to express skin clearly. At last, the blur effect powder can make cover wrinkles and express skin slick.
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Jung Joon Young band will come back at 2015.05.27 we are best korean wholesaler for korea products.

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Jung Joon Young will come back through jung joon young band.

Title song "OMG" is released album in Asia.

band member was joined to guitarist - jo dae min , drummer - lee hyun qu , base guitar - jung sek won

OMG is starting vintage guitar riff as to attchment to him.

this album is joined "Brian Howes in USA" as to producing and composition so, very high percentage of completion.

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Lirikos - Marine Collagen Cushion Best Korean wholesaler & Supplier - Wholekorea

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Marine Collagen Cushion is promoting to 고아라 (Go A Ra)

feature of product
1. it was making elasticity Skin implemented with low molecular weight collagen.
2. It was expressed taut and smooth Skin as a Lifting effecacy.
3. curtain cells puff had enhanced nutrition and moisture as a delivery function.
4. The high coverage and long -lasting adhesion to the make-up.
5. resilient and lifting , make - up, sunscreen , whitening, anti-wrinkle effect.

How's use?

1.after skin care product used,  it have to use sun-cream to phase. apply your face as tap and softly. is possible to more light skin as many tap to quickly contacts.

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Skin Food - Black Suger Mask was Selected 14th Sure Beauty Awards / We are best B to B company - Wholekorea

We are B to B Company - Wholekorea
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Black suger mask was selected 14th sure beauty awards   ( Dead Skin Removal Sector )

- This is a scrub product and it is using when you have piled up dead face skin.
- Old dead face skin is removal effectively and youre face skin is given vitality.

how's use?
Black suger mask is apply your face in wet conditions as to massage. and then please, avoid eye and mouth.

-after 10~15 minutes, washing your face to tepid water.

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Hanyul launched new foundation which is made of lotus water, abalone shell and so on! : Cover Foundation SPF 15+/PA+ 30ml

Korean famous naturalism cosmetic brand Hanyul should enter in the base make-up market with a unique ingredient containing traditional Korea. They will launch 'Cover foundation SPF15+/PA+ 30ml' which included lotus water, abalone shell etc. The lotus water is one of the materials for brighten skin since ancient times is was used by mothers. It makes can express to moisturized & lifted up skin. Also it covers pore,spots,blemishes with pearly mineral powder from abalone shell inside which grown at Jeju clean area.
Hanyul brand manager said "The newly launched foundation will cover tightly with perfect skin products" and "especially it expected to be higher in popularity to consumers because of excellent adhesion in the summer season when the makeup tend to remove."she added.
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2015 Korean Summer Make Up Trend : New Product, Wholesale Offer - APIEU Jelly Marmalade Lip Tint

Jelly Marmalade Color for 2015 Summer  - Korean Newest Product 

Do you know about A'PIEU?
It is another Korean beauty brands that are affordable like Missha, Etude house, Innisfree.
It is also inspired by "Purity" and promises to use only pure and fresh ingredients. They just launched new make up product " Jelly Marmalade " lip tint. There are 4 colors, cherry, berry, apple and orange.

Sul Hyun , a member of AOA (Korean Idol Girl Group, also model of Apieu ), pick the orange color for this summer.
If you want to maintain revitalized lips and moisture for long hours, I want to recommend this product for this summer season.

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Kpop boy group Toppdogg going to showcase tour on September 2015 at Italy,United Kingdom,France.

The Stardom Entertainment agency said on 18th May, "Toppdogg will visit the European fans on September after end of world tour 'World ToppKlass ' in America, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, " began in  last December . Toppdogg is unveiled with an unique performance through the World Tour. Toppdogg debut two years that has attracted the look is expected to show further upgraded. Agency official explained, "Currently there're love calls in other european countries. So we're coordinating Toppdogg's schedules ". And Toppdogg members  said a comment "It is very exiting to think about concert in European countries," and "We're going to showcase the best debut in Europe, and we look forward we can get more loves and interests.".
Toppdogg will be appear in 'Love, Korea! 2015 Dream Concert' at held in Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium, on 23th May.
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2015 Korean Beauty(cosmetic) Trend : it is important of materials what using water kinds. It is differentiated with spakling water, spa water etc instead of purified water.

Korean Cosmetic(Beauty) industry is focusing on the components of 'water' of skin care products. They're starting to use plain carbonated water, spakling water or mineral water instead of just purified water. Many cosmetic brands launched new products(items) using such kind of special water. The products such as skin,essence,mist etc are generally 50-60% of water-based. So it can be premium products by using only changing water. Purified water is not harmful at all, but just removed impurities in water and don't have any special nutrient to skin. So it is a good trend is special nutrients to the skin, moisturizing, anti-aging, such as water containing the active ingredients.
Innisfree launched 'Jeju spakling mineral' line, and the Saem launched 'Eco soul spa water BB Cake' at the same period. Also Apieu launched 'Air Fit Cushion' which is based on mineral water. Each products are very popular in Korea as soon as launched.
Wholekorea is a Korean…

Best korean Supplier & Wholesaler - Wholekorea / Miss A is come back - Colors

Best Korean Supplier and Wholesaler -

Miss A - colorsClassy and chic Korean girl group Miss A released " only you (except other man)".
Miss A is represent for active woman.

Miss A is come back as 3rd mini album and 7th project album colors.
The title song is 다른남자 말고 너 (this word means : only you except other man) and composed of six songs.

This album is expressing hip hop and track rhythm and representing for active woman.

The contents of album is expressing confident and dignified for woman and watching for hard-hitting.

This album is composed of six songs

1. 한걸음(one step)
2. 다른남자 말고 너(only you)
3. love song
4. 녹아(melting)
5. I caught ya
6. Stuck

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Pretty Korean Cosmetic's colors : Nature Republic launched new eye shadow line 'By Flower'.

Korean famous cosmetic brand, Nature Republic launched new eyeshadow 'By flower'. There're 40 kinds of colors and 6 types of Matt, Pearl(Shimmer),Jelly,Pearl(Glitter),Lingerie,Jelly(Soft). It is make possible to express various eye makeup like glitter, smoky, smudge look. The matt shadows are products suitable for the shading effect, boasts crystal clear color. Also it have soft texture. The pearl Shimmer Shadows can be used as a daily eye makeup because of its quiet glossy color. And the primer shadows which name of Lingerie shadow are proper to use to eye base. As such, much eye makeup can be expressed because it has a variety of colors and types.
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XIA Junsu 3rd Solo Album 'FLOWER' SPECIAL EDITION (CD + DVD) Preorder

Xia junsu of JYJ, released Special Edition package of 3rd solo album 'Flower'. It can pre-order in Wholekorea for US$32.83(Retail price US$38.62) till 20th May! (Not included the poster.

[ Contents ] * CD1 + DVD1 * Size : w210mm x h290mm x d32mm / weight 960g  * Photobook(Booklet) : 48 p, excepted cover page(included photo 50 Cuts) * DVD( about28 minutes)  - DVD CODE : All Code 
1-1  X SONG (Disco Funk Mix)    1-2  REACH     1-3  나비  (Butterfly)     1-4  꽃 (Flower) [Feat. Tablo of Epik high]    1-5  나의 밤 (My night) 1-6  OUT OF CONTROL [Feat. YDG]     1-7  X SONG [Feat. Dok2]    1-8  LICENSE TO LOVE     1-9  MUSICAL IN LIFE       1-10   LOVE YOU MORE    1-11  F.L.P    1-12   HELLO HELLO    1-13  그 말 참 밉다 (Hate those words)  1-14  사랑숨  (Love breath)   1-15  꽃 (Flower Inst.)     2-1   FLOWER M/V      2-2   FLOWER M/V MAKING      2-3   FLOWER ALBUM JACKET MAKING  
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Korean Wholesale Supplier, 2015 Korean Hot Trend Cosmetic Item, Best Seller Korean Cosmetic - Mayu Cream

Have you heard about Korean Cosmetic TV program " Get It Beauty " ? If you are the person who interested in Korean cosmetic or trendy items, maybe you already watched it before.

It is beauty program show makeup skills, products, diet habits, exercise methods, and many other contents that will influence females' beauty.

Many trendy beauty products are already showed in this Korean cosmetic program.
We are also offering hot products like Mayu Cream thatHoney Lee uses.
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Then you got it!

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Park Jin Young is released new album Who's Your Mom / We are best Korean supplier and we are best wholesaler to korea products.

we are best korean supplier - Wholekorea

park jin young - who's your mom

Best song writer & producer in asia park jin young make pubilc who's your mom in April. This song is very hit album in april and he was top music chart in April. This song can feel cheerful groove. who's your  mom content to praise waist 24 inch, hip 34 inch woman fantasy. If you want to get detail information any more. please, visit our web-site : we are offering cheap, High quality products and best korean supplier.

Let's buy Korean products at the Online website wholekorea with wholesale price : Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Series

Etude House, the famous Korean cosmetic brand not only in South Korea but also abroad, launched new cleansing items. It is oil type cleanser that is name of 'Real Art Cleansing Oil'. 'real art cleansing oil Moisture', the moist type cleansing oil containing moisture providing coconut oil and grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil effective for removing dead skin cells, cleansing away makeup residue and old skin cells. And 'real art cleansing oil Perfect', the gel serum type moist cleansing oil containing moist meadowfoam seed oil, shea butter extract and rice bran oil, effectively removing thick makeup and pore impurities with a moist and fresh finish.
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The Face Shop Best Hit Item - Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam 300ml We are B to B Company for korean products / International Trade Company - K.Y.C

Import & Export Company - K.Y.C  The Face Shop Best Hit Item - Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

Feature of Product

- Soft & Moisture Cleansing Foam
- Ingredient of Ricewater can make bright your face.

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SHINHWA released Music Video PRODUCTION DVD (2 DISC) for 12th album, 'WE'.

Korean group Shinhwa released Music video making movie by special DVD package for 12th album 'WE'. Wholekorea handling Shinhwa's DVD with wholesale price US$27.03! (retail price US$31.80) It can pre-order to us till 19th May. (It is possible to get free poster by only pre-order. )

DISC.01 [ SHINHWA XII “WE” PRODUCTION DVD ]  1. ’Sniper’ Music Video Collection  1-1 TEASER   1-2 MAIN ver.  1-3 IMAGE ver.  2. ’Sniper’ Music Video Making Film  2-1 DONGWAN  2-2 ANDY  2-3 HYESUNG  2-4 JUNJIN  2-5 MINWOO  2-6 ERIC  2-7 SHINHWA
DISC.02 [“WE” PRODUCTION SPECIAL ]  1 “WE” Shooting of Album 2. “WE” Practice SHINHWA`s Choreography 3. Shooting of Magazine & Dress Fitting 4. ‘Sniper’ Meeting For Music Video 5. “WE” Comeback Story
[SPECIAL PHOTO EDTION] - PRODUCTION STORY : 80p Photobook [SPECIAL GIFT] - Photo cards 7pcs (Each member 1pc, All member 1pc)
Size : 24cm x 18cm x 3cm       Weght : 615g

We are Best Korean Supplier - K.Y.C / Girl's Day is released New Album - Hello Bubble / Wholesale for korea products.

Girl's Day is released New Album - Hello Bubble in the Summer of 2015

Mise en scene with Girl's Day is Collaboraion Album.

Mise en Scene make public to lead Hot Summer Trendy Hair Color on 2015 Summer.
And then, mise en scene is choice girl's day group because girl's day is expression very well.

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ELSIE(T-ara Eunjung) released an album - I'M GOOD (1ST MINI ALBUM)

T-ara Eunjung released 1st mini album 'I'm good' on 7th May as a new singer. The title song 'I'm good' is featured with the Korean famous ballads singer K-will. It is attractive song with harmony of the vocal and acoustic sound.
Album Contents : 1. I'm good (Feat. K.will) 2. Tear Drop 3. Love Effect 4. I'm good (Solo Version) 5. I'm good (Instrumental Version)
Wholekorea handling elsie(eunjung)'s album CD with wholesale price US$10.54!(retail price US$12.40)
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Korean wholesale products: Wholekorea is providing L&P Mediheal which is a Korean cosmetic brand that well known for various Mask packs.

Wholekorea is offering for wholesale products that many Korean cosmetic mask packs become popular in abroad recently. 'one pack per a day' is popular in Instagram, L & P Mediheal is one of the most famous companies as mask packs company with the 'Leaders'. They have lot of hit items like W.H.P White hydrating Charcoal-mineral Mask, 2 Step Mask Pack series, Ampoule mask serires and so on. The L&P Mediheal is that combine cosmetics and pharmaceuticals Cosmeceuticals can be called a professional cosmetics company. They launched 'personae' mask packs this month. It is perhaps an indicator that showing Korean Cosmetic technology is how much advanced.
If you have interests to purchase(buy) their mask packs, please visit our website or contact us.

Korean Cushion Pact New Items Etude house/ Innisfree for summer (韩国靠垫条约新项目ETUDE HOUSE/innisfree夏季粉底-批发韩国)

For the upcoming summer as well as UV whitening, anti-wrinkle function cushion items have been released. Today introduce to new cushions of Etude House and Innisfree. Precious Mineral Any Cushion Pearl Aura SPF 50+/PA+++ 15g of Etude house, and Long wear chshion SPF 50+/PA+++15g of Innisfree. Two cushions have the same effects of SPF,whitening,wrinkle care but a few functional differences. The cushion of Etude House is flawless cushion foundation with Pearl Brightener creates pearly aura skin with its full coverage and glowing effects. And the other of Innisfree is keep makeup 12 hours with sweat-proof function. The innisfree's one is more expensive than Etude house, but it is required advanced technology to develop the sweat proof effect. We recommend that if you want to express glowing skin is Etude house or keep makeup all day is Innisfree.
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