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Korea Cosmetics Wholesale Products List 2017.06.23 / SULWHASOO, OHUI, SU:M37, THE HISTORY OF WHOO, Sample Cosmetics(Mini size)

We offer wholesale Korean cosmetics price list of sample cosmetics of SULWHASOO, OHUI, SU:M37,THE HISTORY OF WHOO Cosmetics. Sample Pouches, Mini size, for travel or trial.
Some items were added : OHUI Phyto Vital Series, SULWHASOO Makeup Balancers.If you want to receive this list with prices or request other Korean brand products, email us!

1CODE 458 : [SULWHASOO] Gentle Cleansing Oil 50ml
IN-STOCK : 10 pcs2CODE 401 : [SULWHASOO] Basic 4 pcs Set
- First Care Activating Serum 8ml /
Essential Balancing Water 15ml /
Essential Balancing Emulsion 15ml /
Concetrated Ginseng Renewing 5ml
IN-STOCK : 17 pcs3CODE 309 : [SU:M37˚] Bright Award Bubble De Mask 1ml
IN-STOCK : 400 pcs4CODE 575 : [THE HISTORY OF WHOO] Radiant White 8 pcs Set
- Radiant White Balancer 20ml / Emulsion 20ml /
Eye Serum 5ml / Essence 5ml /
Intensive Spot Corrector 4ml / Moisture Cream 4ml /
Brightening Cleansing Foam 13ml / Brightening Gel 13ml
IN-STOCK : 6 pcs5CODE 558 : [TH…