Innisfree purposed 'Dried Rose' and 'Red' color for F/W Season trend by their 'Real Fit Lip Stick'.

Innisfree will launch 'Real Fit Lip Stick' which have excellent fitting to lip in this Month.
The 'Real Fit Lip Stick' gives vivid color with only one touch by thin & light texture.
It is including natural camellia oil that can moisturize to lip even dry autumn season.
The tone-downed makeup items will be leading the trend in Autumn instead of the items those have vivid & intensive colors in Summer.
And innisfree 'Real Fit Lip Stick' have various colors of 10 kinds.
'Dried Rose', 'Cozy Apricot','Peach similar to Grapefruit','Sweet Twenty Red','Between Peach and Pink','Feel so good Hot Pink','A cup of latte Coral','A cup of latte Pink','A cup of latte Rosy' and 'Calm Lady Purple'.

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