(Club Clio) Peripera launch new model Peri's Tint Maker - Wholekorea introduce Peri's Tint Maker and Peri's family Product

Peripera launch NEW MODEL Peri's Tint Maker

It's existed kind of 5 color (Plum, Orange, Pink, Cherry Red, Burgundy)

your lips is very clear color when you are used to it.

Now, we are introducing Peri's Tint Maker.

Peri's Tint Maker No.1 Plum Stain

It's Vivid Plum color .

Peri's Tint Maker No.2 Orange Stain

It's Natural Orange color.

Peri's Tint Maker No.3 Pink Stain

It's Neon Pink color.

Peri's Tint Maker No.4 Neon Cherry

It's Cherry Red color.
It's moist more than No.1, No.2, No,3.

Peri's Tint Maker No.5 Bloody Kiss

It's Fuchsia Burgundy
It's moist more than No.1, No.2, No.3

--------------------------------------Peri's Family Product------------------------------------

Product Name : Peri's Ink

Kind of 5 Color : Purple Pink, Pink, Grapefruit, Orange, Red

Product Name : Peri's Tint Water

Kind of 5 Color : Red, Pink, Orange, Mandarin, Strawberry

Product Name : Peri's Tint Crayon

Kind of 5 Color : Red, Peach Coral, Orange, Hot Pink,
                       Red Pink

If you want to get more detail information 
or you are interested in Korean products, please visit to our website : www.wholekorea.com
We are B to B company for Korean products.
We hope to make a good relationship with your company.


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